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Powerful Hand Protection

Defend and Cleanse


Uniglove is the ultimate hand-care solution that shields and cares for your hands simultaneously. With a built-in hand cleaner, moisturizer, and antimicrobial agent, Uniglove acts as an impenetrable barrier against harmful soiling agents. The powerful antimicrobial agent not only guards against bacteria and viruses but also ensures your skin stays clean and safe from potential contaminants. Dermatologist-approved and silicone-free, this non-greasy formula guarantees hands that are both protected and nurtured.


A Gentle Touch with Superior Cleaning

Grime-Busting Efficiency


Bid farewell to harsh solvents and abrasives! Uniglove's effective yet gentle cleaners eliminate dirt and grime from your hands without causing any damage. Its unique formulation leaves your hands fresh and residue-free, without affecting your grip on tools. A simple application of 2-3 drops, evenly spread over your hands and around your fingernails, is all it takes to get prepared for any task ahead. Unlike traditional hand-cleaning methods, Uniglove requires no scrubbing; just rinse your hands under water to wash away the dirt.


Your All-in-One Solution

Versatility and Reliability


Uniglove is the invisible glove that protects your skin from an array of substances:

  • Diesel
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Resin
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Ink

and many more. Uniglove tackles them all effectively and safely. Whether you're working on household chores, DIY projects, or industrial tasks, Uniglove is your go-to companion. Its powerful performance and ease of use make it an essential addition to your toolkit.

Dont' scrub it, Glove it!

UNIGLOVE - Your Ultimate Hand-Care Solution 200ml

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