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Performance Lubricants India Pvt. Ltd. is the appointed sole distributor of all UNIGLIDE branded products in India. 

This cutting-edge lubrication technology was developed to extend equipment life and deliver optimum performance in any equipment treated across a range of industries, and the world. Our technology has been tested time and time again and proven to exceed ASTM standards in independent internationally accredited laboratories. The technical and scientific finesse of our lubricant solutions is proven beyond the laboratory though. Our lubricants excel in the extreme environments used in the heavy plants, industry as well as in performance engines.

Our versatile range of lubricants treats all things mechanical and surpasses the performance capabilities of the majority of currently available products on the market. We don’t do Adequate!



Uniglide technology is an affordable and easy preventative maintenance measure that is tested and proven to deliver the savings and performance claims behind which we stand. Being a multi-purpose product with many and varied applications, there is no workshop that would not benefit from this exceptional lubrication technology. Affordable, effective, and easy to use…nothing more to say, really!


Unlike most other lubricant manufacturers, we are always looking at ways to address the needs and concerns of the client, and can tailor lubricants to reduce wear and enhance reliability of equipment.

How we do this is by partnering with world-class research institutions and industry giants to ensure that our technology is fit for today and the future. TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY TODAY! We pride ourselves on making business easy and results fundamental to our partners and clients. We can tailor solutions across the World. We service every continent and can range our offerings from partnerships, distribution rights, new lubricant formulations, close-knit solutions consulting, and more.

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