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UNIGLIDE Friction Reducing Concentrate: Unlock Peak Performance

Are you ready to unleash the true power of your vehicle? Look no further than UNIGLIDE Friction Reducing Concentrate (FRC). Engineered with advanced technology and designed to excel even in harsh African environments, UNIGLIDE FRC provides unparalleled protection and performance for your fleet, equipment, or cherished vehicle.


UNIGLIDE Friction Reducing Concentrate technology is an affordable and easy preventive maintenance measure that is tested and proven to deliver the savings and performance claims behind which we stand.


Benefits That Go Beyond Expectations

Experience a range of remarkable benefits with UNIGLIDE FRC:


  • Reduced Friction, Wear, and Drag: Our innovative formula minimizes friction, extending the lifespan of your engine, machinery, or equipment and preventing premature wear and tear. Say goodbye to costly repairs and enjoy optimal performance.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By reducing operating temperatures and oil consumption, UNIGLIDE FRC optimizes the efficiency of your equipment. Experience smoother operations, improved fuel economy, and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Maximum Protection: Protect your valuable machinery from oxidation, corrosion, and the harmful effects of moisture and contaminants. UNIGLIDE FRC forms a protective barrier that safeguards metal surfaces, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

  • Improved Power and Compression: UNIGLIDE FRC provides maximum compression and power, enabling your machinery to operate at its peak potential. Feel the difference as you witness enhanced performance and productivity.

  • Start-Up Lubrication and Cold Start Protection: Our friction reducing concentrate ensures proper lubrication during start-up, minimizing wear and tear during critical moments. Benefit from reliable cold start protection, even in challenging conditions.


Take Charge of Your Equipment's Performance

Don't settle for subpar performance or costly repairs. Choose UNIGLIDE Friction Reducing Concentrate and elevate your equipment's capabilities. Experience reduced friction, improved efficiency, and extended equipment life. Unleash the true power of your machinery today!


Make a wise investment in your equipment's performance and longevity. Try UNIGLIDE FRC now and witness the difference it can make.


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