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UNIGLIDE PL-50 SPRAY: Unlock the Power of Penetration and Lubrication 


Break Free from Rust and Seized Parts

Penetrating Oil for Ultimate Release

Say goodbye to stubborn rusted and seized nuts, bolts, and studs with UNIGLIDE PL-50 SPRAY. Our penetrating oil formula seeps deep into crevices and threads, effortlessly breaking rust bonds and allowing you to loosen even the most stubborn parts. Don't let corrosion hold you back when you have the power of UNIGLIDE on your side.


Key Features for Liberation:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: UNIGLIDE PL-50 SPRAY is a cost-effective general-purpose penetrating and release agent that saves you both time and money. With its concentrated formula, you can use it sparingly, reducing mess and waste while ensuring efficient results.

  • Protection Against Corrosion: Prevent future damage and keep your parts in pristine condition. Our spray creates a protective barrier, shielding against corrosive elements, acids, and environmental factors. Extend the lifespan of your equipment and enjoy long-lasting performance.


Loosen the Grip of Thread Locking Compounds

Unlock Hidden Potential

Chemical thread locking compounds can often hinder repairs and maintenance. UNIGLIDE PL-50 SPRAY comes to the rescue, effectively loosening these compounds and allowing for easy disassembly. Don't let thread locking compounds hold you back—experience the freedom to work on your terms.


Key Benefits of Versatility:

  • Effective General-Purpose Lubricant: UNIGLIDE PL-50 SPRAY is not just a penetrating oil; it is a versatile lubricant that suits various applications. From your home to the workshop, experience the convenience and effectiveness of a multi-purpose spray that gets the job done.


Safety and Savings Combined

Power by CO2 for Peace of Mind

When it comes to safety, UNIGLIDE PL-50 SPRAY has got you covered. Powered by CO2, our spray ensures safer use, especially in underground and confined spaces. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can rely on a product that prioritizes both effectiveness and your well-being.

PL-50 SPRAY 0.5L

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